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Baroque and Early Modern Shop
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D. Rickert Signature Series
Electric, Electronic, Augmented & Active Acoustics
Golden Age Old-Time Fiddles and Accessories
Rustic Series Fiddles by D. Rickert
Southern Mountain Classic Fiddles
Violins and Fiddles (NEW)
Violin and Fiddle Setup and Fitting Installation
D. Rickert Custom Instruments
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Cigar Box Fiddles
Fiddles (Used and Vintage)
Pochettes, Kit Fiddles and Travel Violins
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Welcome to the Adventurous Muse Store: The online D Rickert Full Logo 9-12 retail face of Don Rickert Musical Instruments

Accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover (highly secure online ordering)

726 Hall Creek Road, Hiawassee, GA 30546

Phone: 404-828-0136

Email: don@DonRickertDesign.com


We have some incredible Labor Day discounts on some incredible bows Happy-Labor-Day-HD-Images-and-Photos-lovely-one and instruments (sale ends 9-2-14)

Our entire line of Specialized Series Bows (the first bows perfectly matched to your conventional or unique instrument)...20% additional discount

All of our Southern Mountain Classic Fiddles...10% additional discount

All of our Golden Age Old-Time Fiddles...10% additional discount

The Fat Strad 5-String...10% additional discount

The Fat Strad 8vb Octave Violin...10% additional discount


D. Rickert Musical Instruments will have a vendor booth and tents (climate controlled in the event of rain) at the 2014 Hoppin’ John Fiddlers’ Convention: September 18th – 20th


INFORMATION: Including a partial list of the instruments, accessories and services we will be bringing to Hoppin' John this year.

Eighth Annual Festival!
September 18 - 20, 2014
at Shakori Hills,
Silk Hope, NC

Festival Web site: www.HoppinJohn.org

Information for finding the Festival (GPS is highly recommended!)

1439 Henderson Tanyard Rd
Pittsboro, NC 27312



Is it time to move up to a The logo one cropped final really decent fiddle (for a great price!)? We have just introduced a collection of 9 replicas representing the best of the late 19th and early 20th Century Markneukirchen "factory fiddles".

These are complete outfits including fiddle, case and bow. Price range for the outfits is $750 to about $1,000. The wait time for most instruments is 2 weeks or less!

These are meticulously authentic replicas of the legendary German "factory fiddles" that played such an important role; not only in the early days American Old-Time fiddling, but Irish and Scottish fidding during the same period as well.

We set up your fiddle for Old-Time, Irish or Scottish style fiddling (TO YOUR PREFERENCES...we have a great track record for "getting it right" on the setup due to our extensive experience with all of these fiddling styles)

Note: We also have an extensive collection of old-style tailpieces, cases, etc.

Follow Your Muse! 

Customers come to us for the unique, historic, innovative and just plain out-of-the-ordinary instruments and customization services...period! Try asking for any of the following at your local violin or fiddle shop...

  • A 10-string pochette with 4 gut playable strings and 6 sympathetic strings tuned to a partial C diatonic scale

  • A small viola tuned like a 'cello

  • A fiddle that is 100-percent "de-farbed" to 1860s setup

Summary of our instruments and services (just scratches the surface!)

  • The finest low-pitched acoustic violins and fiddles, ranging from alto to baritone range instruments, available anywhere (SEE OUR 5 NEW INSTRUMENTS, listed under "Featured Products" at the bottom of the page)

  • Accurate instrument retro-conversion (i.e. de-farbing) to specific historic periods

  • Luthier-quality historically authentic cigar box instruments

  • 18th century pochettes and our renowned modern travel - backpacker violins

  • Left-hand instrument conversions

  • Custom instruments of every conceivable type

Regular violins and fiddles; not so much. We've got them, but people are more likely to visit their local violin shop for the ordinary instruments (even good ones) that are widely available. This is fine with us. We are revising this store, as well as our associated websites to serve our truly loyal customers (the hundreds of bargain browsers we get daily are welcome to, well, browse for bargains as much to their hearts' content).

Featured Categories
Baroque and Early Modern Shop
Baroque and Early Modern Shop
Here is where we have quality replicas of stringed instruments and accessories from the Late Renaissance (late 16th C.), Baroque (1600-1760), Transitional (1740-1800) and Early Modern (1780-1890) periods. Yes, these entirely arbitrary historic periods overlap! At present we have listed only a few offerings. The list will be growing quickly! See www.RickertMusicalInstruments.com for more details.
Golden Age Old-Time Fiddles and Accessories
Golden Age Old-Time Fiddles and Accessories
LABOR DAY 2014: ALL INSTRUMENTS 10% OFF (ENDS 9/2/14) We are very pleased to announce our “Golden Era Old-Time Fiddles”. These replicate the very best (and most sought after today by Old-Time fiddlers) of the so-called “factory fiddles” imported by the millions from Markneukirchen, Saxony, German and neighboring Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (now the Czech Republic) during the years from 1880 through the 1920s. We are also introducing the largest collection of authentic early 20th Century fiddle accessories that you will find anywhere.
Low Note Shop
Low Note Shop
Bowed instruments tuned lower than a standard violin or fiddle. We have more experience (more than 15 years!) and make more models of instruments in this category than any other lutherie on the planet (we think?).
Southern Mountain Classic Fiddles
Southern Mountain Classic Fiddles
LABOR DAY 2014: ALL INSTRUMENTS 10% OFF (ENDS 9/2/14) These are the unique fiddle designs and types that, from our extensive experience working with Old-Time fiddlers and their prized instruments, we have judged to be the favorites of fiddlers throughout the Southern Appalachians from at least the mid-19th Century until well into the 20th Century. With the current revival of Old-Time fiddling and its older Minstrel Period roots, these fiddles are once again enjoying a high degree of popularity.
Violins and Fiddles (NEW)
Violins and Fiddles (NEW)
These are new violins by top makers. This is the good stuff!
Featured Products
Fat Strad Deux Mezzo Viola (Violin-Viola Hybrid)
Fat Strad Deux Mezzo Viola (Violin-Viola Hybrid)
Price: $1,995.00
Retail: $2,395.00
You Save: $400.00
Neil Gow 22XL Travel Violin
Neil Gow 22XL Travel Violin
Price: $1,450.00
Retail: $1,850.00
You Save: $400.00
B-Rex II 5-String Octave Viola
B-Rex II 5-String Octave Viola
Price: $2,100.00
Retail: $2,600.00
You Save: $500.00
Fat Strad 8vb Acoustic Octave Violin
Fat Strad 8vb Acoustic Octave Violin
Price: $1,995.00
Retail: $2,499.00
You Save: $504.00
Heinrich Theodor Heberlein 1682 Stainer Lion Head Copy (1885 Replica)
Heinrich Theodor Heberlein 1682 Stainer Lion Head Copy (1885 Replica)
Price: $950.00

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