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Flat-Top Flatiron-Style Mandolin by Don Rickert Design
Flat-Top Flatiron-Style Mandolin by Don Rickert Design
Flat-Top Flatiron-Style Mandolin by Don Rickert Design

Flat-Top Flatiron-Style Mandolin by Don Rickert Design

Manufacturer: Don Rickert Design
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ATTENTION!: You most likely got to this page via a search engine rather than visiting the Adventurous Muse Storefront. This is a custom-made instrument, available ONLY at our new store, Don Rickert Musical Instruments (www.RickertMusicalInstruments.com).

The Rickert Flat-Top Mandolin has a mellow, yet still loud and powerful sound sought by Celtic (both Irish and Scottish) players, as well as many Old-Time mandolin players. This is a MUCH more historically-correct instrument for Old-Time music than either an F or an A type mandolin.

This sweet mandolin is our take on the now-defunct, and increasingly collectable, “Flatiron” Mandolin, which has a long and interesting story, as an independent company, as a division of Gibson, and later as a division of Weber Mandolins. Ours has a rosewood fingerboard, mahogany neck, as well as mahogany sides and back. It has a spruce top.

To read a brief history of Flatiron Mandolins and their wide-spread use in Celtic rather than Bluegrass, see the following articles on the Adventurous Muse blog.

A Brief History of Flatiron Mandolins

Why the F-Type Mandolin Dominates Bluegrass and the Flatirons Dominate Celtic


Tattoo Yes This instrument is "TATTOO FRIENDLY"...suitable for inkwork decoration (rosing)


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Tattooing, Inkwork, Rosing
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