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Washburn 19th Century Guitar Replica with Coffin Case
Washburn 19th Century Guitar Replica with Coffin Case
Washburn 19th Century Guitar Replica with Coffin Case

Washburn 19th Century Guitar Replica with Coffin Case

Manufacturer: Washburn
MPN: WashburnR314KK
SKU: WashburnR314KK
Price: $395.00
Retail: $740.00
You Save: $345.00
This item is out of stock

Nylgut for guitar - $30.00

Gut and Silk - $100.00

Tired of being embarrassed by your dreadnaught guitar at re-enactments? Here is a low-cost and ultra-cool solution!

Washburn model  R314KK 125th Anniversary Guitar, essentially a replica of an 1880s Washburn guitar. The guitar comes with a cool Washburn 125th Anniversary coffin case with imitation leather covering. This guitar is called a “parlor guitar”; however, in the 19th Century, it would have been called a guitar, as guitars of that period were much smaller than contemporary instruments. Despite its diminutive size, it puts out a surprisingly powerful warm tone. Despite its similarity in appearance, this is NOT a classical guitar.

The guitar has a mahogany 19th Century style radical “V” neck, which everyone who has played it has fallen in love with. This model, with its ornate purfling and other decoration, has an expertly-executed antique distressed finish, making the instrument look over a century old…very cool!
The instrument has modern internal bracing capable of taking the tension of steel strings and it is strung with steel. As an option, especially serious Civil War re-enactors, we can supply the guitar strung with either Nylgut™ 19th Century guitar strings or even genuine “gut and silk” (trebles gut, basses copper-wound silk) strings.

Civil War Re-enactors and Minstrel Era Musicians Really Need a Guitar Like This One!

I have written on the authenticity, or rather lack thereof, of many of the musical instruments used by Civil War and other mid-19th Century musician re-enactors. The most extreme historic anachronisms are in the realm of mandolins and guitars. The mandolins and guitars of today bear little resemblance to an 1850s/1860s mandolin or guitar.

We are here to help you with a period appropriate guitar at any rate at a reasonable price. Mandolins are another matter. Your ONLY option is a bowl-back mando. We can help you find a good one at a reasonable price.

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